Gourmet teler van sjalotten uien en knoflook

Monday 22 October 2018

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Gourmet BV

Specialist in shallots, onions and garlic


Welcome to Gourmet’s website.


Gourmet is an innovative grower born from the Broersen's family business. Besides its own cultivation, Gourmet has also become specialised in the processing, packaging, supply & distribution of shallots, onions and garlic. A comprehensive and high-quality range of first-class products sourced from around the world and supplied throughout the year. 

Shallots of Gourmet
Onions of Gourmet
Garlic of Gourmet

Slimweg 42
1614 MG Grootebroek
The Netherlands

T: + 31 (0) 228 517 386

F: + 31 (0) 228 518 027

E: sales@gourmet.nl

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